Introducing DeFi-Lending 2.0

0VIX, the core Polygon Money Market Protocol. Be part of our beta now.

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The next evolutionary step in money-market protocols

0VIX’s elegant technology, smart tokenomics and frictionless UX makes DeFi lending future-proof and attractive to all users.

Supply Assets

Choose from a list of assets and stablecoins and invest to receive a competitive APY.

Borrow Assets

You can borrow against your supplied assets if you enable them as collateral for the protocol.

Claim 0VIX

Every interaction with the protocol makes you eligible for claiming 0VIX.

Lock 0VIX

You can choose to lock your 0VIX for a predefined or custom time period. In turn, you will receive ve0VIX tokens proportional to the time period you have locked in for.

Vote For
Market Rewards

Every 10 days you can use your ve0VIX to vote for how rewards should be distributed across markets to all participants.


The most secure protocol for money


Founder GOGO protocol, serial entrepreneur, experienced banker and a Forbes 30 under 30 in Finance. Helped initiate and build N26 and founded two FinTechs which are used daily by millions.
Hossam Saraya
10+ years of experience in software and web architectures, having co-founded 3 startups and lead 6+ software teams. Advocate for strong security, with experience implementing.
Julian Koster
7+ years in full funnel and data-driven marketing focusing on growth and brand development. Highlighted as a Forbes 30 under 30 in Finance.
Develops quantitative models for risk assessment and stress testing. His data-focused team manages the ideation and automation of our vault investment strategies.
Stefan Wang
Marketing and PR


Our advisors have a wealth of experience including building and assisting top DeFi protocols and FinTech firms.
Amadeo Brands
Freelance DeFi consultant & Investor
Core Sushi Developer
Sameep Singhania
QuickSwap CTO
Hamzah Khan
Head of DeFi Polygon
Core Team at QiDao
Captain Nemo / @Ncerovac
Polygon Evangelist
mudit gupta
CISO @ Polygon
Blockchain Security Researcher